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Sometimes I worry because I’m numb and can’t feel. I’m mentally fucked in a way where my emotions don’t really see themselves through. Where I should feel love and comfort, I feel disgust and awkwardness instead. How do I live with that?

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“People say to me ‘You’ve changed.’ and I say ‘Haven’t you?’ People change, it’s just life.”

Jake Bugg (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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If you claim to be a feminist and you shame girls for wanting to do traditional things like take their husband’s last name or be a house wife then you are doing it all completely wrong.

Feminism isn’t an elite group who defeats gender norms, it’s a group who accepts ALL women’s choices.

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i don’t want someone who thinks i’m perfect, i want someone who knows i’m not and loves me anyway

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“You can decorate absence however you want ― but you’re still going to feel what’s missing.”

Siobhan Vivian (via heresay)

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most common thought: damn haha im going to have to deal with that sooner or later

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